Bojangles | Williamston, NC


401 East Boulevard
Williamston, NC 27892
(252) 792-7444
Open Mon-Fri, 5:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.; Sat-Sun, 5:30 a.m. – 12 a.m.
Accepts cash and credit cards

Date of Visit: Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.

IMPRESSIONS: On our way home from vacation in North Carolina, we kept passing a restaurant chain that we have never seen in our Midwestern travels: Bojangles. The passing signs promising “chicken and biscuits” seemed more and more enticing as our early-morning breakfast got further and further away, so we made the decision to stop. And, oh, I’m so glad we did.

Before I start, let me ask why the South gets all the best chain restaurants, and ones that seem to serve really good food? Chick-Fil-A, Biscuit World, and now Bojangles? I’m jealous! We just get the standard McTacoKingy’s by us. Instead, the southern and eastern American states gets such gems as Bojangles, with big signs bragging about freshly-made chicken and biscuits and mottos like “Breakfast should never end.” Come on!

: Bojangles has the feel of your typical fast-food joint, but it’s food and service go way beyond that. The colors are bright, the kitchen is bustling with activity. You walk in, are corralled through the lines to the counter, you order up front and they repeat it into one of those long-necked microphones that you always want to grab and start singing into (at least I do). Then they load up your tray of delicious food, and you head out to the dining room.

: Oh my goodness – amazing! These pictures really don’t do the food justice, although truthfully, the food is pretty simple. The above picture is of my Steak Biscuit, which is simply a small chicken-fried steak on a pair of buttery biscuits. So simple, but so delightfully tasty. The steak is soft, not tough. The breading is perfectly crunchy, peppery and well-seasoned. And the biscuits are oh-so buttery soft. Take this with a half gallon of sweet tea, and baby, you’ve got a stew on! I mean, breakfast.

And here’s the 2-Piece Dinner, with tender pieces of chicken, another buttery biscuit, and some delicious mashed potatoes and gravy. Again, all awesome, all flavorful, all freshly made.

SERVICE: We met some of the sweetest people at Bojangles. The woman at the counter was super patient and super friendly, despite the long lines. She smiled and laughed and helped answer any questions we had. The woman busing the dining room as super sweet as well; she made faces and joked around with our son Will, and was completely tolerant of him making a mess of the floor.

OVERALL: I’ve pretty much already said it, but I wish there were Bojangles in Ohio. I would love it! I’m already looking forward to stopping at one of these on the road to next year’s vacation. There are plenty of fast food chains of the chicken/biscuit variety, but Bojangles has topped them all with the fresh and well-seasoned food, and the great service. Take a look at their map, and see if you can plot your next vacation course to intersect with one of their locations.


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    Nice post. Oddly, Bojangle's attempts of moving into other other parts of the country are typically met with failure. Saw you on the PBS breakfast documentary tonight—nice blog!

  2. says

    Glad to see Bojangles on your list! Quite simply the best biscuits and gravy to be found, as far as the wifey and I are concerned. We'll sometime make a trek from our home east of Baltimore down to Bladensburg, east of D.C., to pig out – and I mean PIG OUT – on their breakfast fare. Can't say that we've ever had a bad biscuit there. In addition to the wonderful, nicely spiced sausage gravy (be sure to get the sausage gravy biscuit that comes with not only the gravy atop, but a sausage patty), we love the nice and salty country ham biscuit. We hope and pray they come back to the Baltimore area again some day… when I went to Essex Community College they had a place on Martin Boulevard.

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