Hash browns and eggs: Part the deuce

In my last post I documented my first try at making hash browns. Sounds simple, I know, but I had to try it. This is Round #2, using some suggestions from folks on Twitter. First off, I peeled the potatoes and then shredded them with our food processor. Much faster. Then I laid them between paper towels to dry them some.

I only used two pieces of paper towel, but I can tell that I could have used many more. I’m still surprised that potatoes are so watery!

Into the frying pan. With about 3/4 stick of butter. This is about 10 small potatoes worth.

They’re starting to brown! I used a larger pan to try and spread them out more.

I fried up some eggs, too. This frying pan is a little too rounded, so the egg whites run too far to the sides. They look like the alien ships from the first War of the Worlds movie.

The whole gang cooking together.

And the end result. Another dash of kosher salt and pepper on the eggs. Left the yokes a little runny so they dripped down into the potatoes. Taste was great… I mean, how can potatoes, butter, salt, and pepper be bad? Still, I think I’ll try them again sometime soon. Maybe dry out the potatoes more. And I’m curious what would happen if I didn’t peel the potatoes. Any thoughts?

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    Hey Nick- I have had the same problem: the potatoes are too wet when I shred them and try to fry them fresh. So when I needed suggestions for how to remedy that problem, I turned to the frying expert: Grandma! She suggested baking the potatoes the day before, which dries out the potatoes. I then dice (rather than shred) the potatoes with the skins still on. Most of the nutritional value of potatoes is found in the skin, so I always like to leave the skins on–even when mashing. It works well for diced and fried hash browns, too. Give it a try sometime–I think you'll like it. :)

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    I don't make hash browns, but I do love making rostis and I never peel my potatoes. I just shred them in the food processor and throw them in the pan with butter.Regarding the water problem– you probably can get even more out of the shredded potatoes by salting them and letting them rest in a colander before blotting dry.

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    Get a large dishtowel and dump the shredded potatoes on to that and wring the water out. Not so hard you break the shredded potatoes but it will help with getting the water and moisture away from them.

    Salt them in the frying pan and leave them alone for a bit then flip them to brown the other side. Hope that helps! :)

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