Return of the Hash Browns

Third time’s the charm! Using the last of the potatoes, I took some more readers’ suggestions and made hash browns again. This time I didn’t peel the potatoes – trying to preserve more of the nutritional value of the spuds. Much easier that way, and it didn’t seem to affect the final outcome.

I made a lot of potatoes this time. A lot. More than one person should eat in one sitting. Laid them out on paper towels again, and took the suggestion of salting them to draw out more of the moisture.

I think my main problem is that I’m impatient. I know I should keep soaking and re-soaking the potatoes, but I get hungry and throw them in the pan early.

It makes sense, though, when I think back to almost any visit to a breakfast diner. They typically have a lot of potatoes – hashed or chunked – just sitting on the grill. They leave the potatoes there to keep browning, then scoop them up as needed.

That being said, we got our best browning yet. I was little more patient and let them sit in the pan longer. That’s the key, I think, especially if your potatoes are still wet. The color of the potatoes still seems a little off – a little too dark. Any ideas? Is it because of the moisture? Does the butter burn (although I don’t think it did)? But they tasted fine, especially with another fried egg on top. Although I forget to get a picture of the final product. Next time!

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    The brown is oxidation. It doesn't affect the taste but it doesn't look pretty.To prevent oxidation, you can submerge the potato in water and even add a drop of lemon juice (not really necessary). Take them out of the water as needed. To get out excess water, I wrap a big handful in a tea towel and squeeze out as much as I can get. You could also salt them and then squeeze them.

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    Glad to know you're getting closer to your dream! And it just occured to me that your pan is probably too crowded– the released water may not be able to evaporate enough and your potatoes are steaming more than they are frying.Again, I recommended my modified version of a rosti where the shredded potatoes go directly from food processor to buttered pan. I flatten the pile out into a pancake shape, brown it on one side, flip and brown on the other side. Lots of crispy potato with a creamy middle.

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