Snowville Creamery milk

We recently started buying Snowville Creamery milk again. We just got sick of buying cheap-as-free milk that really didn’t have much nutritional value to it. Even if Snowville’s milk costs more, it’s more than worth the trade-off in taste and quality, not to mention the support of a local dairy. If you have never tasted Snowville Creamery milk, you need to do so immediately. When God told the Israelites that they were going to the land of milk and honey, this is the milk He meant.

There’s really not a big point to this post, other than to say that I like Snowville’s milk, and that as a common breakfast ingredient, milk like this is important. It makes your coffee better, your cereal better, your scrambled eggs (if you prefer to add milk) better, your waffles and pancakes, and your overall breakfast better.

A fun side note: I had the pleasure of meeting Warren Taylor, owner of Snowville, while appearing on a locavorism panel hosted by WCBE back in July. Before the discussion started, he shared a coffee drink with me called the Snowville Sunrise. It consists of four shots of espresso, with an equal portion of Snowville’s heavy whipping cream. Enough caffeine and calories to keep you going during a busy spell. Warren said you can drink maybe one of those a week, at the most. Wow!

Their information:
Snowville Creamery
32623 State Route 143
Pomeroy, Ohio 45769
(740) 698-2340
Twitter: snowvillecream

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    I'm all about Snowville…fresh, local and tasty. I really like to make homemade butter once and a while and they are one of the only producers I know of that sell non-homogenized cream, which is best for making butter. Hooray for Snowville!

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