Miscellaneous breakfast news in Columbus

Some random breakfast-related updates from around Columbus:

Banana Bean Cafe has closed their original location on E. Whittier St. in German Village (boo! I liked the close comfort of that place). The location is now occupied by Skillet, serving “Rustic.Urban.Food.” They’re only open for lunch right now, but hopefully breakfast is on the way!

Mac’s Cafe in Short North has begun serving breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 10 a.m. Can we say Scotch Eggs and gravy?

Nancy’s Home Cooking in Clintonville is aiming for a November 1st re-opening! You can follow along with their Facebook profile, or with the Save Nancy’s Home Cooking FB group. They are still in need of some donations for final renovations – check out the pages for details on that. The best part about the planned re-opening? Breakfast served all day!

That’s some of the news I’ve heard. Anything else happening out there?

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    Is it crazy to recommend a place to you on a comment? I have no affiliation with them, other than being a very recent regular. Louie's in Hilliard. It is fairly new…former chef of Starliner…I am sure you know the story. If not, ask. :) My boyfriend and I frequent them weekly…their specials can be iffy…obvious experiments…either awesome or just ok. But their menu has never disappointed. And their breakfast? Had almost everything on the menu and am very impressed. Recommend the breakfast enchiladas.Oh…and huge (possibly inappropriate) fan! :)Thanks Nick! A good breakfast his hard to find.

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    No, it's not crazy to recommend on a comment – I've gotten plenty of recommendations that way.Thanks for the heads-up on Louie's. I need to get out there (and to Starliner – I've never there, yikes!). Good to know about the standard menu; I may give those enchiladas a try.Thanks!Nick

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