Travels with WQED Pittsburgh Part 2: Skillet

Another morning out with Rick, Bob, and Glen from WQED Pittsburgh. Yesterday we visited Best Breakfast and Sandwiches; this morning we hit up Skillet. This is my second visit to Skillet overall (see review), and interestingly enough, both visits have been accompanied by television crews. I need to have a normal breakfast there sometime!

We ran through a similar routine as last time. Rick and the crew interviewed the owners and some customers, got shots of the restaurant inside and out, filmed me entering, ordering, and eating my breakfast, then interviewed me about breakfast, the blog, Columbus, and much more.

And again I got to try some more specials (the documentary is titled Breakfast Special, after all). This time around I tried a savory cobbler recommended by Angie. Patrick put this together: it’s a puff pastry filled with root vegetables like carrots and potatoes, plus Swiss chard braised in pork fat (oh yeah!), then topped with two poached eggs and a simple salad.

My, did this dish pack a wallop. The Swiss chard had a huge savory and fairly salty flavor. Almost a little too much to take in all at once, but the pastry (which is barely sweet) and the root vegetables offset that. And those two delicious poached eggs – farm-fresh, locally raised eggs – simply, simply delicious. You haven’t had eggs until you’ve had them straight off the farm.

This was my stopping point. I had to ask for a box. So filling and so big on flavor.

Bob and Glen filming customers while they eat. Most folks seemed pretty nonplussed by the camera crew, and Patrick, Kevin, and Angie all seemed to enjoy having us back!

This ended my couple of days with Rick and the crew. It was a lot of fun. I got to eat back-to-back breakfasts at two different places in town, see some of the ins and outs of television production, and talk about one of my favorite topics: breakfast! Couldn’t ask for a better couple of mornings. Maybe I should write a proposal to the Food Network to turn my blog into a show…

Anyway, Rick’s documentary Breakfast Special is due out in June or July 2010. You can follow along with their breakfast travels on Rick’s blog or on the show’s website.

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    Hey Nick. The write up looks great. It'll be agony waiting for it to air.Oh real quick though I just wanted to clear one thing Kevin actually came up with the turkey hash and puff pastry you tried. Credit where credit is do, ya know. lol – Patrick (Skillet)

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