Photos: Real Food Cafe visit

I just can’t resist taking pictures whenever we visit Breakfast with Nick-favorite Real Food Cafe, especially when we try something new there. Every time we travel home to see family in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Real Food is a mandatory stop (in a good way!). It was especially cozy over a snowy Christmas holiday.

So here are the specials we tried. Up top is a Greek Benedict, with lamb, spinach, and feta cheese added to the standard eggs benedict lineup.

And here’s the pumpkin french toast. They used a dense pumpkin bread – I never thought of using that for french toast – and topped it with a cinnamon whipped creamy. Deliciously sweet, warm and thick, and perfect for a cold winter day.

By the way… congrats to Frank, Renee, and the crew for getting voted the Best Breakfast in Grand Rapids by readers of Grand Rapids Magazine! Frank showed me the article. As if there was any doubt!

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    Great blog – I'm working the opposite of you – I'm from Columbus and moved to Grand Rapids about 6 years ago. We don't go out for breakfast very often, but when we do it's usually Wolfgang's because we can walk there. I very rarely stray from the Hash Benedict.We also like breakfast at the Sundance (downtown or on 28th St. in Cascade), the Brandywine (Eastown)and the Grand Coney (open 24-7 on Michigan St near College).When we're in Columbus we always stop by the North Market on our way out of town for numerous reasons, but not the least of which is the pho available at the little Vietnamese place. Pho makes a great breakfast when you're a wee bit hung over.We also meet friends a lot at either Tommy's on South Main or the Galaxy Cafe in Hilliard (I think).Sorry this comment is so long, but I don't run into to too many peeps with the same stomping grounds as me. Grand Rapids and Columbus are both pretty obscure.

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    Thanks for the comment! That's great that you went from Columbus to Grand Rapids. Have you been to Real Food Cafe? If not, give it a try.I've actually got a review of Wolfgang's in the works. Thanks for the suggestions on the other places in GR.Next time you're in Columbus, stop by Best Breakfast & Sandwiches on Westerville Rd., just south of 270. It's a new favorite.

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    I would also recommend Real Food to TLWDL. I used to be a Wolfgangs guy until my first visit to Real Food. Since then (circa 2005), I think I've been to Wolfgang's maybe twice.Nick, I'm jealous of the Greek Benedict. Looks really good, and I hope they repeat it sometime.

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    Same here, Jonathan! There's a lot to like about Wolfgang's, but Real Food just hits the spot such much more!And my parents said the Greek Benedict comes around every so often, so hopefully it'll be back.

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