Photos: shrimp and grits waffles at Taste of Belgium

During North Market’s annual Fiery Foods Festival, we stopped by Taste of Belgium, who had been Twittering about making shrimp and grits waffles for the festival. The market vendors usually feature different fiery versions of their foods on the festival day, everything from chilis and sandwiches, to ice creams, breads, and more. (I once had a spicy haggis that day. The only time I’ve ever tried haggis.)

The waffle was made with grits and cheddar cheese in the batter, and was topped with shrimp, green onions, fresh cilantro, and some seasoning. It. Was. Delicious! Their original waffle is addicting enough, but this takes it to a whole new level.

I got to meet owner Jean-Francais Flechet, too. Very nice man. Let’s hope he brings this one back!

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