Photos: Taste of Dine Originals Part 1

Here they are! A few of my photos from Taste of Dine Originals last week Thursday. The experience was completely overwhelming, and mostly in a good way. It’s difficult to balance a plate of food, a glass of drink, and your camera all at the same time. You could do one full trip just to try the food, and then another full trip just to take pictures. But no complaints here: everything was delicious.

Tasi Cafe’s setup. The first one I tried, right near the door.

Tasi’s tortilla bite with black bean puree.

I forget what/whose this is. But rest assured, it was delicious.

The folks from Cotter’s Restaurant. I loved everything of theirs: crab cakes, beef short ribs, and tiaramisu.

Inside the big tent.

Due Amici
‘s seared tuna on cucumber with an olive and tomato tapenade.

Followed up by their smores.

One of my first favorites: shrimp and grits from G. Michael’s Bistro

…prepared fresh at the table by Executive Chef David Tetzloff.

Two more rounds of photos to follow! Thanks for the folks from Dine Originals for the invite!

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