Photos: Amish donuts and duck eggs

Last Saturday morning we hit up the farmers’ market in my wife’s hometown of Greenville, Pennsylvania. It’s small market, especially compared to the Columbus markets of Clintonville, Worthington, North Market, and so on. But when you live in the middle of Amish and farm country… you can get some amazing deals.

Check out these Amish donuts, for instance. Pictured above are the vanilla cream; below are the Bavarian.

Fantastic consistency. Cakey, but dense and enough of a darkened crust on the outside, smooth creamy fillings, and generous powdered sugar. So, so good.

Probably the best deal of the morning? Farm fresh chicken eggs for $2 a dozen…

…and even better: fresh duck eggs for only $3 a dozen. Plus, the woman at the stall actually gave us another half dozen duck eggs! She not enough people appreciated them, so they weren’t selling as well. These are going to be fried up soon for breakfast. I hope to do the Skillet crew proud!

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