Photos: family breakfast at Real Food Cafe

Visiting my family in Grand Rapids over Christmas break, we managed to gather all together for the first time at our family-favorite stop, Real Food Cafe. Until this year, we never could have fit all sixteen of us (my parents, their four boys, their four wives, and six grandchildren) in the restaurant at once. But Real Food recently opened an expanded seating area that allows for less waiting and larger groups. My parents are regulars at Real Food, so Dad called owner Frank Amodeo a couple weeks ahead of time to let him know we were coming.

It was pretty awesome to see all of us lined up at the tables, parents, grandparents, and kids all enjoying one of our favorite breakfast stops. We were served by one of Frank’s daughters, Sophie, who handled our group without breaking a sweat. One thing I love about Real Food is their presentation. Many breakfast places use bland colored dishes, but Frank and his crew throw in a dash of color, at that goes a long way. I recommend this for any breakfast joint.

Probably my all-time favorite breakfast dish: their Eggs Benedict. I couldn’t resist taking another picture of it.

Our Christmas and New Year’s included a lot of wonderful family time, and this was one great moment of it. I hope that your holidays were filled with the same fun and community.

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