Last six days for Kickstarter pre-sale!

Hey, folks! We are entering the last phase of our Kickstarter project to fund the first printing of the breakfast book. I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has backed the project so far. We’ve hit our initial goal of $3000, which is a big step in getting the book made.

Here’s the deal… we still have six days left in the project, and we could use help in getting as many pre-orders as possible. The more we can get, the bigger first printing we can order, which would allow us to get more books in stores and in the hands of customers. Please help us spread the word about the book’s pre-sale. Mention it on Facebook, plug it on Twitter, e-mail folks a link to Kickstarter (ahem,, encourage friends and neighbors to order it. Remember that everyone who orders a copy through Kickstarter will get a special thanks in the book (in addition to their copy, of course!).

I know I’m biased, but trust me, the book is going to be amazing. We’ve glimpsed some of the first pages laid out by Robin, and the photos and design are stunning. It’ll be a fun book to read, explore, and just plain look at. We’ve also been slowly building a list of restaurants and stores that will carry the book; we’re excited to announce that soon.

Thanks for joining us on this journey, and happy breakfasting!

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