On Eggs and Toast

At times it’s easy to make things too complicated. This goes for life in general and food in particular. We seek the newest, the most innovative, the most complex. Which isn’t bad, necessarily, but we often get caught up in seeking what we don’t have or don’t know, when instead we could focus on something simpler, or something we already have.

One of the things I really like about breakfast is its simplicity. Which makes writing about it an uphill battle, at times: it’s not as sexy as cocktails or mobile food or the newest lunch spot downtown. But the simplicity of breakfast often forces you to focus on other things, like the company you’re with, or the skill of cooking a simple dish very, very well. Over the years, I’ve been most impressed when a cook can make the perfect scrambled eggs (a little wet and undercooked) or can grill up potatoes just right (crispy edges, soft middle, lots of salt and pepper). And I’ve most appreciated those times when I get to spend time over a meal with people that matter most to me.

For Lent this year, we gave up sweets in our household. We’ve stuck to it mostly (darn you, Girl Scout Cookies!), but for me it’s really translated into fore-going multiple visits to Buckeye Donuts per week. Still, it’s an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy some of the simple meals we can make together. One of our favorites, for both breakfast and dinner, is scrambled eggs on toast. It’s a simple as can be: toast some bread and butter it. Scramble some eggs. Add salt and pepper, cheese if you like. Enjoy. It’s always one of my go-to meals: I love soft eggs on a crispy toast. Buttery and salty all together. It nearly brought tears to my eyes the day my oldest son first piled scrambled eggs on toast just like his father.

Whatever your beliefs, I encourage you to gravitate toward uncomplicated things right now. Starting with your morning meal. What are the simple breakfasts you enjoy?

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  1. says

    I am reading Julia Child’s My Life In France right now. She spends a few paragraphs describing how her Cordon Blu instructor spent time teaching them to make the perfect scrambled eggs, giving the humble dish as much attention as any other. Simple done well is as important as complicated and fancy!

  2. Carol Berquist says

    Hey Nick,

    Great article on the goal of simplicity as it pertains to breakfast. I’ve been an avid fan of breakfast since realizing that my favorite memories of childhood was when my mom made pancakes for dinner. Unfortunately, that only happened about once a month because my dad wasn’t a big fan!

    I continue to buck the norm… on most days I enjoy having two separate breakfast meals, both in the morning. The first, a small bowl of high protein, low sugar, high fiber cereal with fruit. About two hours later, my one and only for the day, a perfectly made cup of coffee (lrg, made with a French press) with cream and a scone or p.b. on raisin toast. On the weekends, the second breakfast is scrambled eggs gently piled on whole wheat toast.

    That’s it. Thanks for asking!

    Carol Berquist

  3. Tom Rottmayer says

    I like a Bob Evans breakfast burrito with a spicy Italian sausage and a slice of American cheese (on the burrito). All ingredients from Sam’s Club.

    Cut the sausage in half and cook it in the microwave, in a small bowl of water, for 4 1/2 minutes on high.

    Wrap the frozen burrito in a paper towel and defrost by cooking in the microwave on high for 30 seconds.

    Unwrap the burrito and pepper liberally, add chopped fresh chives to taste. Re-wrap and place on aluminum foil in a toaster oven.

    Remove the sausage casing and slice each half lengthwise. Place in the toaster oven, cut sides up. Cook on “toast” setting for 5 minutes.

    Fold the cheese slice in half and cover the cooked burrito. Enjoy.

  4. says

    One of my favorite breakfasts is actually one that I only ever eat for dinner. My family calls it “eggs and bread.” Basically you crack 2-4 eggs in an oiled frying pan that has been heated, then sprinkle salt and pepper on. Lay sandwich bread (preferably Italian white bread) on top, ripping pieces to fill in and cover the eggs if necessary, and put a lid on top of the frying pan. Let the eggs cook thoroughly, then flip to lightly brown and toast the other side of the bread. Serve egg-side up on a plate, and dig in!

  5. Nathan G says

    I’m with you – my daughter is two and she already knows that breakfast is eggs and toast. She makes the choice every morning of scrambled or over easy. Lately it’s been scrambled because she likes “cutting them up all by herself.” I enjoy the blog – keep it up.

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