Clark’s Donuts Plus | Cranberry, PA

Clark’s Donuts Plus (Facebook / @ClarksNo1Donuts)

7150 U.S. 322 (map it!)
Cranberry, PA 16319
(814) 677-7336
Open Mon-Fri until 3p; Sat until 12p (they open early while donuts are still being made)
Accepts cash & debit/credit

Over Thanksgiving we were taking the kiddos to ride the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad, a little historic train that rolls you through the beautiful Pennsylvania hills and past the world’s first oil well. But we can’t just go ride the train, especially when we find there are donuts nearby!

My father-in-law knows the area well, and had seen cars lining up outside Clark’s Donuts many times, so we joined the throngs to see what all the fuss was about.

It didn’t take long to find out why. Trays of donuts, that’s why. Trays and trays of fresh donuts.

Note the “Plus” in the bakery’s name. That’s because Clark’s Donuts Plus is the secondary location of – you guessed it – Clark’s Donuts in nearby Titusville. The Plus store has been open for over 20 years, an employee told us, while the original Clark’s has been around for nearly 75 years.

Like a true old-school donut shop, they’ve been getting by on the strength of their donuts and not the sophisticated digs or strong social media presence. People know about their donuts because of good old fashioned word of mouth.

I mean, what’s not to like about seeing trays of donuty goodness? Clark’s was well-stocked, even mid-morning with a steady flow of customers.

They had a tremendous variety of donuts, too. Cake donuts, fritters, giant bearclaws…

…longjohns overflowing with creme.

We boxed up a sample of nearly everything, because, you know… research.

We didn’t meet a donut we didn’t like, but the longjohns were impressive, not to mention these iced donuts with toasted coconut.

And these maple-iced beauties that were light and fluffy.

I love knowing that old donut shops like Clark’s are still thriving. The American culinary landscape would be poorer without them. So if you find yourself traveling through the Cranberry area, pick up a box. And grab one for me, too.

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  1. Trisha Marie says

    We love Clark’s! They are a local treasure. I’m thirty-five and I remember getting donuts from them when this one was still in town in Oil City when I was a little girl! :)

  2. DaMiAn says

    Clark’s are THE BEST donuts!!
    When ever we travel to visit relatives in PA, we always stop to grab a dozen.
    (Or More)

  3. Cindy says

    Clark’s are the best, hands down!! I love that you featured them in your article. One point of confusion though – Clark’s has an interesting history. Titusville is the newest location, not the original location. Twenty years ago, the only location was the Oil City store (no longer there…) and was owned by the current owner’s father, Don Neidich. Both of Don’s sons, Tom & Terry, worked in the Oil City store with their father. Then, Don’s son, Terry, along with his wife, Kelly, opened the Cranberry store as separate ownership as Clark’s Donuts Plus – but the store was first in the Cranberry Mall for a couple years, before Terry & Kelly purchased the current Cranberry building and moved across the street. Terry & Kelly also had a store in downtown Franklin for a summer, in the old Isaly’s building but did not stay there. Eventually the Oil City store closed, and there were NO DONUTS (gasp!!!) for a short while until Terry & Kelly were pressured to make donuts again and then decided to purchase Don’s portion of the business and now there is only one Clark’s ownership entity – Clark’s Donuts Plus. Recently, Kelly, along with one of her sisters, Jenny, also purchased Pink Champagne Cupcakery (in Franklin) and they just moved that cupcake store into the Cranberry donut shop the first week of 2014. PS – they ship the donuts, and they freeze wonderfully!

  4. Judy Dickerson says

    please check to see what shipment would be to send to Tom in Fl
    last week when I went to Punxsy (Lilly’s) around 9am store was very busy buying donuts (of course)
    they have 1 hand written sign up about don’uts being Clark’s Donuts from Cranberry, paper is soo wrinkled it is curling up, wish u would do a spot check, so they would do better by u with their signage. I was buying them for church & our scrapbooking retreat. God Bless

    Keep baking they are SOOOOOOO Good thanks

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